Norwegian Seafood Company’s vision is to be the best full range supplier of Norwegian seafood.

Our Story

Norwegian Seafood Company was established by Leif Birger Midtgård in 1993. His mentality of hard work set the foundation for the culture in the company. We started out selling biproducts in the European market.


From there, our company had its first income. However, we had to adopt to the changing market condtions and expanded our business into frozen seafood products. By keeping the hard working mentality over time, our company has become a leading Norwegian supplier of longline catch, trawl catch and fillets.


We added fresh seafood products to our portfolio in 2011. By expanding into the fresh seafood market, we have seen tremendous growth. Our pursuit for staying best at what we do sets us apart from the rest and we are incredibly proud of where we are today.

Our Core Values

At Norwegian Seafood Company we believe that there are certain factors that sets the good companies apart from the rest. In a highly competitive market you have to be best in what you do in order to survive. That is why we have integrated five core values into our business model.


We commit ourselves to deliver the best possible products and service to our customers.


We believe that integrity and solid relationships based on trust has a positive impact on business.


Our employees follow the original service-minded and hardworking mentality of Norwegian Seafood Company.


We are looking at markets in a different way than most players. We are here to help and can come up with flexible and original solutions to suit your needs.


In order to do long-term business we need a sustainable fishery. The Norwegian fishery is strictly regulated by the Norwegian government and we support sustainability through our certifications.

Our Certifications

Our Location

Brunholmgata 1c, 6004 Ålesund, Norway