Northern Wolffish / Blue Catfish – Anarhichas Denticulatus / Anarhichas Latifrons

The northern wolffish, also known as the blue catfish is a bottom-dwelling fish that lives in cold, deep waters near rocky areas. However, the northern wolffish is considered to live a more pelagic life than the spotted wolffish. It is found at depths of between the surface and 1200 meters. The flesh has a unique texture with higher levels of moisture than most species on the market.


Northern wolffish fishing is carried out as a bycatch year-round. Frozen headed and gutted is the main product. Northern wolffish is more fatty than species from the cod family and it is a good source of protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Product Information

Main catching season



Fishing methods

Trawling, ground line, ground net


Grading FAS
Average 6kg up

Frozen Products

Headed and gutted