Monkfish – Lophius Piscatorius

The monkfish is a bottom-dwelling fish that belongs to the goosefish family. It is found along the coast of Norway both close to the shore and down to depths of 600 meters. The white monkfish flesh has a firm texture that is comparable with chicken and beef. This makes the flesh endurable to higher temperatures. It is well suited for poaching and frying. The monkfish is now regarded as one of the culinary delicacies of the sea.

Monkfish fishing is carried out year-round, mainly in the counties of Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane. Frash or frozen, skinned and headless or as fillets are the main products. Monkfish is a good source of protein and contains some vitamin A.

Product Information

Main catching season



Fishing methods

Ground net, trawling, ground line


Grading FAS tails
Ocean run, (average 1.3kg)


Grading fresh
-4kg, 4kg+, 6kg+, 8kg+ 12kg+

Frozen Products



Fresh Products

Head on


Interleaved Fillets
  • Heads
  • Fillets