Hake – Merluccius Merluccius

The Hake is a bottom-dwelling fish that thrives in deep waters. It is found at depths between 30 and 1000 meters. As the hake grows, it changes its diet from eating krill and prawns while young to eating numerous pelagic fish species like herring, mackerel and saithe when old.  Hake is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean all the way from Norway and Iceland in the North to North Africa in the south. The flesh is white and relatively fatty which makes it good for frying, grilling and baking.

Hake fishing is carried out year-round. Fresh is the main product. Hake is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Product Information

Main catching season



Fishing methods

Trawling, long line




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Fresh Products

Headed and gutted