Once upon a time...

Norwegian Seafood Company celebrates 20 years anniversary in 2013.

Going 20 years back in time Leif Birger Midtgaard, started the company Midtco AS. From a very humble beginning, in the back of a Volvo van,  the company evolved to become one of the largest norwegian exporters  of sea frozen longline whitefish & the largest european exporter of cod, haddock & saithe roe. 

Thanks to an original and strong vision, throughout the years, Midtco has been the most profitable company in norwegian whitefish trading, without any payment remarks. We pride ourselves in never having paid any invoice too late. This gives us an AAA-rating with the credit insurance companies.

After operating for 18 years with focus on frozen fish it was decided to add fresh fish to our portfolio, thus assuring our customers the best possible supplies, year-round. With this new development the name was changed into Norwegian Seafood Company, keeping the same organisation number in order to maintain our good track record.

Our goal is to stay best at what we do and keep ahead of our competitors by our original approach.